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    • What electrical services company in Houston is the most dependable and professional?

      Paul Richard Electric is trusted by business owners throughout Houston and Cypress to perform the highest quality work efficiently, and to respond quickly to service calls.

    • Have an emergency? Who can you call?

      At Paul Richard Electric, we respond to the needs of our commercial clients when they need us. If an electrical problem must be resolved immediately, we are there for you.

    • Should a commercial building have a yearly electrical inspection?

      Definitely. Owners of commercial buildings have a responsibility to their employees, customers, clients, visitors, and others who may frequent the property. Identifying any potential electrical problem early allows the issue to be resolved before it gets worse or puts others at risk.

    • What commercial lighting systems reduce the cost of electricity?

      Every facility has specific lighting needs, but older lighting systems pull far more power than next-generation lighting. Smart systems can lead to reduced energy costs. A full energy usage analysis can be performed to determine the most effective way to cut the costs of energy at your facility.

    • Should a commercial building have a standby generator?

      Power outages are a fact of life in Houston, Cypress, and the rest of the state. If your commercial enterprise has a standby generator, it allows you to continue to do business during an outage or blackout. You can keep the lights, heating, cooling, and systems such as refrigerators and freezers functioning.

    • Should we install EV charging stations?

      Many businesses are choosing to install electric car charging stations for employees, visitors, and guests. Customers and clients appreciate this service and may spend more time at your business while their vehicle is being charged.

    • Is a buzzing sound from my electrical panel an emergency?

      Yes. If you hear buzzing, the panel is hot to the touch, lights flicker, or soot is around an outlet, you need to have the situation analyzed and corrected without delay.

    • Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?

      A circuit breaker may be failing and require replacement, or a circuit could be overloaded. If this is occurring, you need an electrician to identify the problem and correct it as soon as possible, due to the risk of a home fire.

    • What is the best kind of home generator?

      A backup generator can be installed to automatically produce electrical power during an outage or blackout. The “best” type of generator is a system that will produce the amount of electricity your home needs to keep your family warm and your refrigerator, freezer, and appliances functioning, along with electronics such as TVs, laptops, and tablets. Every family has unique needs, and our electricians will work closely with you to choose the ideal backup generator for your home.

    • How can I lower my electric bill?

      Some electrical upgrades can significantly reduce the cost of electricity. The installation of an attic fan, a smart thermostat, LED lights, and new appliances that are more energy efficient can make a substantial difference in electricity consumption. If your electric bills are getting out of hand, an electrician from Paul Richard Electric can perform an energy audit and advise you of the upgrades that will lower your bills for big savings over time.